abas Essentials SDK is a new way to customize your ERP.


abas Essentials SDK is a customization tool for easy development and deployment of customization projects for abas ERP.

An abas ERP customization project can consist of a lot of different components. There is the application logic itself on one hand but also abas components like Infosystems, additional variable tables, additional variables in standard databases, customized screens, enumerations, keys, data objects, etc.

A customization project for abas ERP developed with abas Essentials SDK produces an abas App which can consist of all the above components and can be installed in any abas ERP client. It features the ESDK Gradle Plugin as development tool and the ESDK App Installer as deployment tool for an ESDK App.


ESDK Gradle Plugin

The ESDK Gradle Plugin is the development tool for creating ESDK Apps. As a Gradle Plugin it is easily integrable into IDEs such as abas Tools, Eclipse and Intellij Idea. All components of your ESDK App are exported from the abas ERP client into your project in the IDE and can be either modified directly in the IDE or re-installed in the abas ERP client, edited and re-exported.

This way all components of your ESDK App - meaning the application logic as code as well as components such as Infosystems, variable tables or data objects - are part of your local project and can be managed by version control.

As it is based on Gradle - a modern build automation tool - it is not only standardized in a way that makes it possible to use it in different infrastructures (IDE and platform independent) but can also be adapted by the ESDK App developer him- or herself.


ESDK App Installer

The ESDK App Installer is the deployment tool for ESDK Apps.

It can be used by any abas Customer to install an ESDK App in any of the abas Customer’s abas ERP clients.

This way an ESDK App is developed once and can be distributed to any abas Customer. Using the ESDK App Installer is so straight-forward that the Administrator of an abas Customer can run the installation of the favored ESDK App without the help of the abas App’s developer or any other party.